Zscaler App 1.1.4 for Windows and Mac OS X: Release Notes

Release Date: November 16, 2016

Zscaler App 1.1.4 includes the following improvements and fixes:

  • The Zscaler App now returns CNAME records along with synthetic IP addresses when performing DNS resolutions for ZPA domains, ensuring that applications like Kerberos which rely on CNAME records receive the necessary information in DNS responses from the Zscaler App.
  • For enhanced security, the Zscaler App now tunnels traffic to the ZEN proxy over port 443 instead of port 80. Please ensure your firewall allows connections to Zscaler IP ranges over port 443 for Zscaler App users.
  • Fixes an issue due to which updates to the Zscaler App were successfully downloaded but did not install properly on Windows devices. For more information, see Why is the Zscaler App not updating to the next version?
  • Fixes an issue due to which users on Windows 8 PCs performing fresh install of the Zscaler App received prompts to install the driver certificate and a driver error message.
  • Fixes an issue due to which users running the Zscaler App were receiving software exception error messages when logging out of their devices.
  • Fixes an issue due to which the Zscaler App erroneously detected a captive portal when users on older versions of Firefox were blocked by the Browser Control policy.
  • Fixes an issue due to which the Zscaler App network adapter did not correctly change network types (from domain network to public network, for example) when users changed networks.
  • Fixes an issue due to which the Z-tunnel crashed and caused the ZSAService and ZSATunnel processes to stop running.
  • Fixes an issue due to which traffic forwarded by the Zscaler App intermittently experienced packet loss.