How do I use tables in the admin portal?

About Tables

In the admin portal, under the Policy and Administration pages (and the Insights logs), data is organized and displayed in tables. You can modify the default settings for each table. Every time you make a change, the settings are stored in your browser's local storage so that your changes are preserved the next time you log on.

NOTE: If you clear your cache or use a different browser, your settings are lost.

You can do the following:

Reorder Columns

You can reorder columns in one of 2 ways:

From the Table

When you hover over a column header in the table, a Move cursor appears. To reorder, drag and drop the column to the desired location. An arrow indicates where the column will end up after the drop.

After you have dragged the column to the desired location, the table refreshes and displays data in the new column order.

NOTE: The column menu settings also change to reflect the new order.

From the Table

From Column Menu Settings

When you hover over a listed column name in the settings, a Move cursor appears. Drag and drop the column to the desired position. After you drop the column name, the table refreshes and displays the data in the new column order.

From Column Menu Settings

Resize Columns

When the data in a column takes up more space than the viewing area allows, it gets clipped. You can view the clipped data in the tooltip. You can also increase the column width.

To increase the column width, hover over the right border of the column. A resize icon appears. Drag and drop to the desired column width.

Resize Columns

Hide Columns

When you do not need to view all the columns at once, you can hide them so only the columns you want to view are visible.

To hide a column, hover over the Column Menu icon on the top right of the table and uncheck the column names you wish to hide. After you click on the checkbox, the table refreshes and displays only the checked columns.

NOTE: For tables under the Policy and Administration pages, you must have at least one column visible at all times. For Insight log tables, you can Deselect All columns and render the table empty.

Hide Columns


When you hover over different column headers, you will see that some columns have an arrow icon next to them. These arrows indicate that you can sort the data in those columns. You can sort data in ascending or descending order.

To sort a column, click on the arrow in the table column header.

Reset to Default

When you make changes to the columns, you can revert back to the default settings by hovering over the Column Menu and clicking on the Reset icon.

NOTE: This will not reset your sort order.

Reset to Default

Search Tables

You can use the search bar to filter data. The table displays the rows containing your search term.

NOTE: The search results displays the search term even if it is in a hidden column.