How do I enable SecureAgent to push notifications to users?

The Zscaler service can push notifications to users when it blocks or restricts mobile apps from accessing certain sites, files, or Internet applications. For example, the Zscaler service will send a notification when an app tries to access a site that has certain vulnerabilities or when an app is blocked because it is known to leak information to third parties.

The Zscaler service can send notifications when it blocks or restricts known apps as well as those that it cannot identify. After the initial notification, you can suppress subsequent notifications for a selected number of minutes, to avoid users receiving multiple successive notifications from a single app. You can specify the number of minutes per app and per user.

To configure notifications for the SecureAgent app:

  1. From the Zscaler admin portal, go to Administration > Resources > SecureAgent Notifications.
  1. Complete the following:
    • Enable Send Push Notifications.
    • You can enable the service to suppress the notification for a certain time period so the user sees the notification at certain intervals only and not after every blocked transaction.
    • Enable Send Notifications for Unknown Apps to allow the service to send notifications when it blocks or restricts access to apps that it cannot identify.
    • Enter the text for the notification message (up to 128 characters).
  2. Click Save and activate the changes.