How do I view information about Private Access on the Windows version of Zscaler App?

This article provides an overview of the Private Access window of the Windows version of the Zscaler App.

This window features connectivity information and traffic statistics for Zscaler Private Access (ZPA).


  • Username: Displays the username with which you are logged into the app.
  • Status: Displays the app connection status.
    You can click Turn Off if you want to turn off the Z-tunnel and disable the ZPA service while remaining logged in to the app. Depending on your organization's policies, you may be required to enter a password. The ZPA service will be disabled until you click Turn On.
  • Time Connected: Displays your initial connection time for the present session.


  • Total Bytes Sent: Displays in real time bytes of traffic sent from your computer through the Z-tunnel.
  • Total Bytes Received: Displays in real time bytes of traffic received by your computer through the Z-tunnel.

For information about other Zscaler App features, see B. Zscaler App Features in Using the Zscaler App: Windows.