Zscaler is Expanding Its Zsone Global Footprint

Executive Summary

What New hub service IP addresses added by Zscaler
Action Required
Ensure firewall configurations allow new IPs
August 19, 2016

What is changing?

Zscaler, the largest cloud-­based Internet security platform, is constantly expanding its global data center footprint. As part of the continued expansion, Zscaler is upgrading core hub services that include Central Authority, PAC, DNS and UI. These services are migrating to hub data centers located in Chicago, Washington DC and San Francisco in North America, and in Zurich, Amsterdam and Frankfurt in Europe.

How does this benefit me?

The new hub data centers provide higher reliability, availability and scalability of core hub services.

  • Hub services are deployed on latest server hardware with SSL acceleration using an N+2 design across three hub data centers for enhanced reliability and performance
  • New hub data centers have redundant transit providers for high network availability along with expansion capabilities as needed
  • Hub services are deployed on dedicated and isolated servers for enhanced fault tolerance
  • New hub IP ranges are owned by Zscaler allowing hub services to be portable across new data centers in future

What are the new IPs?

Zscaler IP ranges have been published on ips.zscalerone.net for more than a year. The following specific IPs from those ranges will be leveraged for Central Authority and PAC services.

Hub Service
New IP Address
Central Authority
PAC Services

What are my next steps?

Update your firewalls based on Zscaler firewall configuration requirements to include the new IP addresses specified above. Failure to do so by August 19, 2016 may result in service disruption.

What if I have more questions?

If you have additional questions, contact Zscaler Support via the “Support” link in the administrative console or contact us at +1 (408) 701-0534. Within the U.S. you may use +1 (800) 953-3897.