Zscaler App 1.0 for Windows and Mac OS X: Release Notes

Release Date: January 25, 2016

Zscaler App provides a lightweight and enforceable agent to connect your organization’s users to the Zscaler web security service on a variety of device platforms, including Windows PC (Win 7 and above), Mac OS X (version 10.10 and above) and virtual computing platforms such as Amazon Workspaces and VMware Horizons. Zscaler App uses an HTTP Tunnel (called the Z-Tunnel) for traffic forwarding and supports all authentication methods supported by the Zscaler service. Following are some key Zscaler App features:

  • Enforceable web security: The Zscaler App can protect against users uninstalling, logging out of, and tampering with software.
  • Forwards all web traffic for scanning: The Zscaler App does not rely on PAC files for traffic forwarding or cookies for authentication. A tunnel-based approach ensures that all Internet-bound web traffic is sent to Zscaler’s cloud service and that apps are not bypassing security controls.
  • Trusted network detection: This capability provides an option to detect when users are on a corporate network and turn off the Z-Tunnel automatically. The app also supports captive portal detection and fail-open configuration in case of remote connectivity issues.
  • Device-level reporting and fingerprinting: The Zscaler App Portal maps devices to users and provides device-level details. The app also fingerprints each device and provides an option to remotely remove the security profile from any enrolled device.
  • Auto-update support: The Zscaler App supports auto-updates to new versions, along with an option to update the app manually in a controlled manner.
  • Enhanced support options: The Zscaler App provides an option to report issues your users submit through the app to your organization’s help desk, and optionally, send encrypted logs to Zscaler Support for further analysis.
  • Inter-operability with major VPN clients: If your VPN supports split tunneling, the Zscaler App can handle all Internet-bound routes without interfering with traffic sent to your internal network.
  • Zscaler App documentation is available now.