Troubleshooting Zscaler App: Windows

Following are further details about the Troubleshoot menu features of the Windows version of the Zscaler App.

  • Report an Issue: If your organization's admin enabled in-app support access, you can use this feature to report an issue. When you submit the form, depending on your organization's set-up, the app may either send an email to your organization's support admin or submit a ticket directly to Zscaler Support (your support admin will receive a copy of this ticket as well). After you submit the form, you will receive an email acknowledging the support request. For instructions on completing the form, see How do I report an issue with the Windows version of Zscaler App?
  • Restart Service: You can click to restart the app. Restarting does not impact security enforcement.
  • Update Policy: You can click to manually refresh your web security policies and PAC file.
  • Repair App: If you select this option, the app will attempt to repair itself by reinstalling app drivers and services. Zscaler recommends you try this option before reporting an issue.
  • Clear Logs: You can clear stored logs.
  • Log Mode: You can change the mode in which the app generates logs, but the change is effective for that connection session only. At the start of the next connection session, the app returns to the default log mode set by your organization. Below is a description of each log mode.
    • Error: Logs only when the app encounters an error and functionality is affected.
    • Warn: Logs when a) the app is functioning but is encountering potential issues or b) when conditions for the Error log mode are met.
    • Info: Logs a) general app activity or b) when conditions for the Warn log mode are met.
    • Debug: Logs a) all app activity that could assist Zscaler Support in debugging issues or b) when conditions for the Info log mode are met.

For information about other Zscaler App features, see B. Zscaler App Features in Using the Zscaler App: Windows.