About the Company Profile

The Zscaler service automatically creates a profile for your organization. To view your organization's profile, go to  Administration > Settings > Company Profile.

You can do the following:

Review information

Review your organization information and ensure that the key contacts are current so they can open support tickets for your organization. Additionally, you can upload your company logo. Your organization name and company logo appear in the login form that the service displays when users authenticate to the Zscaler service and in the user notifications that the service displays when policy violations occur.

  1. The Organization tab displays general information:
    • The service automatically assigns your organization a Company ID. You may be asked to provide this ID when requesting Customer Support.
    • The service displays the organization Name and Domains that you provided.
  2. Enter the primary address of your organization.
  3. Select the Primary Time Zone of your corporate headquarters. The time zones listed are those within the geographic location of your primary address.
    NOTE: The primary time zone is used when your organization synchronizes user, group and department information from a directory server.
  4. Click Upload and select an image file for your Company Logo. The logo appears in the login form and End User Notifications. The service supports JPG, GIF, and PNG image files of 10K size or smaller.
  5. Enter the names, titles, email addresses and phone numbers of the following key contacts:
    • Technical Contacts: Anyone listed here is authorized to open Support tickets with the Zscaler service.
    • Billing Contacts: Anyone listed here is authorized to open Support tickets with the Zscaler service.
    • Business Contacts: The service displays the primary contact information that you provided. You can edit the Title and Phone.
  6. Click Save and activate the change.

View subscriptions

Subscriptions define the various features and levels of functionality that are available to your organization. The Subscriptions tab lists the features subscribed to your account. Contact your Zscaler sales representative to add or change your subscriptions.