Quick Start Guide for Zscaler SafeBrowser (Android)

This guide describes how to install and use Zscaler SafeBrowser on an Android device. Zscaler SafeBrowser is a secure browser that protects users’ browsing activities from web-based malware and advanced persistent threats using Zscaler’s cloud-based security.

  1. Look for Zscaler SafeBrowser on the Google Play market. The app should appear as follows on the market.
  1. Tap INSTALL to start installing SafeBrowser. Then ACCEPT the app permissions.


  1. When you first open SafeBrowser, it displays the following End User License Agreement. Tap AGREE & LAUNCH.
  1. When SafeBrowser displays the login page, enter the username and password that you use to authenticate to the Zscaler service.

Select the Zscaler cloud your organization logs in to. Then tap OK.

Note that if your organization has a Mobile SecureAgent subscription, SafeBrowser automatically receives your cloud information and the Select Zscaler Cloud menu does not appear.

The changelog appears when you authenticate for the first time. It does not appear again unless there is an update. To view updates, check the Zscaler SafeBrowser app details on the Google Play market.

  1. When contents of a web page are blocked by Zscaler, a message similar to the following appears.
  1. If needed, further customize the browser by using the Preferences option in the app menu.
  1. You can also customize the security and privacy settings on the browser, as needed. These options enable you to purge private data and cookies that your browser might cache. For example, you can configure the browser to purge cache and cookies upon exit, so that no user-specific options are persisted across multiple browser sessions. This will be particularly useful in cases when a device is used by multiple users, such as at a school. Clearing cache and cookies upon exit will require the user to authenticate again when the SafeBrowser is launched next.
  1. To set Zscaler Safe Browser as the default browser, click a web link from any email or app other than the native browser. When the following window appears, tap SafeBrowser and tap Always.
  1. The browser supports usage of multiple tabs.

The browser can be closed by tapping the Exit button in the app menu or by closing the tabs individually.