How do I create a new report?

An organization can create up to 500 custom reports shared across all administrators. Depending on your organization's subscriptions, you can create reports that provide information about web, email, or mobile traffic, or a combination of all three. Each report can display up to 20 widgets. You can create new reports from scratch, copy standard reports, or import reports.

To create a new report:

  1. Navigate to Analytics > Interactive Reports and do one of the following:
    • Select a standard report and click Copy Report.
    • Click New Report and choose from the list of report types that you can create. The available report types depend on your organization's subscriptions.

The New Report window displays the report-level settings on the left pane and your workspace on the right pane.

  1. Do the following on the left pane:
    • Choose a time frame. You can choose a predefined time frame or select Custom to set the start date and time. Note the following when you set a custom time frame:
      • The start date cannot be earlier than January 1, 2012.
      • The maximum time range is 90 days.
      • You can set the time frame for all widgets in your report or select Allow time to be set for each widget to set a different time frame for each widget. You can change this option at any time.
  2. Optionally, define report-level filters. You can set report-level filters as well as widget-level filters. The filters at the report level can restrict the data types available at the widget level, and the list of available filters narrows down, based on the combination. Some data types are mutually exclusive, so you won't see all the data types all the time. For example, if you set the Department filter at the report level, Location will no longer be available at the widget level. Similarly, the filters at the widget level also narrow down the remaining filter list at the report level.
    To define a report-level filter:
    • Click Add Filter and choose a filter/data type.
    • Choose a value from the filter menu.
  3. Type the report title in the text box on the right pane. The report title must be unique and it can contain up to 75 characters.
  4. Click Add Widget to add a widget and define the widget settings.
    When the new widget appears, you can drag it to the desired location in your work space.
  5. Click Save.
    The portal displays the report and adds it to the Custom Reports tab. You can do the following:
    • Edit the report. Navigate to Analytics > Interactive Reports and in the Custom Reports tab, select the report and click Edit Report.
      Administrators can edit custom reports only. Standard reports cannot be edited. Administrators with the default super admin role can edit any custom report; all other administrators can edit their own reports only.
    • Export the report.
    • Print the report.