Exporting and Importing Reports

You can export custom reports to a plain-text JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) file that includes the report definitions. This is useful when you want to back up reports or create duplicates of a report. For example, if you have more than one organization, you can export a report from one organization and import it into another.

NOTE: The reports use a custom data structure. Therefore, you can import only JSON files that were exported from the Zscaler service administrative interface.

You can export custom reports only. To export a standard report, you can copy it, and then export it.

To export a report:

  1. Go to Analytics > Interactive Reports.
  2. From the Custom Reports tab, tick the check box of the report you want to export.
  3. Click Export.
    The service exports it to your default Downloads folder.

To import a report:

  1. Go to Analytics > Interactive Reports.
  2. Click Import.
  3. In the Import Reports dialog, click Choose File and navigate to the report and select it.
  4. Click OK.
    The imported report appears in the Custom Reports tab.

The following example illustrates how to duplicate a report:

  1. Select the custom report and click Export.
  2. Using a text editor, such as Notepad, edit the JSON file.
  3. Change the user name and title of the report, as shown below.
  1. Import the report.