How do I configure network applications and groups?

Network applications for firewall policies are applications defined based on Layer 7 information. The service provides predefined applications. You can group network applications, but you cannot edit the predefined applications or add new ones.

NOTE: To facilitate rule creation for Microsoft Office365 apps, there is a predefined Office365 application group. To view or edit the applications in the group, go to  Administration > Resources > Network Applications > Application Groups tab.

To group together applications that you want to control in a firewall rule, create a network applications group:

  1. Go to Administration > Resources > Network Applications.
    • In the Application Groups tab, click Add.
  2. Enter a Name for the application group. It can include any character and spaces.
  3. Click the down arrow beside Applications.
    • Choose any number of applications that you want to include in the group, and then click Done.
  4. Optionally, enter additional notes or information. The description cannot exceed 10,240 characters.
  5. Click Save and activate the change.