How do I configure the FTP Control policy?

To configure the FTP Control policy, follow the instructions below. See also the recommended FTP Control policy.

  1. Go to Policy > Web > FTP Control.
  2. Complete the following:
    • Allow FTP over HTTP: By default, the Zscaler service does not allow users from a location to upload or download files from FTP sites. Select this to enable browsers to connect to FTP sites and download files. If a road warrior uses a dedicated port, then the service supports FTP over HTTP for road warriors.
    • Allow Any URL Category:You can configure the FTP Control policy to allow access to specific sites. The policy applies to traffic from the known locations of an organization. Select this to allow FTP traffic for all URL categories.
    • Allowed URL Categories: You can select URL super-categories and/or categories. You can select any number of categories. You can search for categories or add a custom category by clicking the Add icon.
    • Allowed URLs: You can type in the URLS for which FTP traffic will be allowed.
  3. Click Save and activate the change.

For information on the order in which the service enforces all policies, including this policy, see How does the Zscaler service enforce policies?