Some regions have legal requirements that dictate that user names always remain obfuscated in reports and logs for admins. If admins need to view real user names, they must have an auditor grant them permission to do so.

An auditor is generally an employee from the organization who has been given special permission to serve in the role through an organizational decision-making process. A super admin can create an account for the auditor through the admin portal and share the login credentials with the auditor. The auditor can give an admin permission to view user names through the following process:

  • The admin who requires user name access logs in to the admin portal.
  • From the admin’s monitor, the auditor clicks the yellow box that appears at the top right hand corner:
  • The auditor is prompted to enter his or her credentials, and once this is done, user names are made visible to the admin.
  • Names are visible for the duration of the session. User name obfuscation begins again the next time he signs in to the admin portal.

You can add, edit, or delete auditors at any time, but you must have a super admin role and organizational scope to do so.