How do I add admins?


Zscaler recommends that you add roles before adding administrators, because you will need to select a role for each admin that you add.

Further, to configure admins:

  • You must have permission to do so, as described in How do I configure admin roles?
  • You can only create, edit, or delete admin accounts with equal or lower rank.
  • Your scope limits the scope that you can assign to other admins.

Adding Admins

To add an admin:

  1. Go to Administration > Authentication > Administration Controls > Administrator Management.
  2. Click Add and do the following:
    • Enter a Login ID and Name.
    • Enter an Email address.
    • Choose a Role for the admin. You can select from a role you have already defined. If you need to create a new role to assign, you can do so during this step by clicking the add icon at the top right hand corner, as shown in the example below.
  • Choose the Scope of the admin. If you choose Department or Location, select the specific department(s) or location(s).  
  • Optionally, enter Comments.
  • Select which updates the admin receives:
    • Security Updates: Latest information on vulnerabilities and threats that may affect your organization.
    • Service Updates: New service and product enhancements, including new data center notification and cloud release information.
    • Product Updates: Communication regarding important changes and updates to our service.
  • Set password: Optionally, enter a password for the admin if you want to enable password authentication in addition to SAML single sign-on authentication.
  1. Click Save and activate the change.

You can edit or delete admins as necessary at any time.