How do I customize my admin account settings?

The Zscaler service automatically creates a profile for each administrator account where you can change your password, among other things.

To view or change your profile, log in to the admin portal and do the following:

  1. Click the user icon at the top-right corner of the window. Alternatively, you can go to Administration > Account Management > My Profile.
    Note that the user icon displays your username and your organization's name when you hover over it.
  1. Change any of the settings:
    • Change your password.
      The service applies the strongest restrictions and complexity. The password must contain at least eight characters and include one number, one upper-case character and one special character. Only ASCII characters are allowed.
    • By default, the admin portal is displayed in English. You can change the language to French, German, Japanese, Spanish, or Traditional Chinese.
    • If Auto Refresh Dashboard? is enabled, the dashboards automatically refresh every 15 minutes.
    • Enable Policy Information to display policy descriptions at the top of each policy window in the admin portal.
    • Choose a time zone. When the service saves transactions, it uses UTC (Coordinated Universal Time.). It uses the specified time zone when it displays the logs.
  1. Click Save and activate the change.