Quick Start Guide for Zscaler SafeBrowser (iOS)

This guide describes how to install and use Zscaler SafeBrowser on an Apple iOS device. Zscaler SafeBrowser is a secure browser that protects users’ browsing activities from web-based malware and advanced persistent threats using Zscaler’s cloud-based security.

  1. Look for Zscaler SafeBrowser in the Apple App Store.
  2. Tap GET, tap INSTALL, and then tap OPEN to start installing SafeBrowser.
  1. When SafeBrowser displays the login page, enter the username and password that you use to authenticate to the Zscaler service.

Note that SafeBrowser displays the Zscaler.net cloud by default. If your organization logs in to a different Zscaler cloud, tap the cloud name and select the correct one. Then tap Save.

  • For example, if your Zscaler administrative URL is admin.zscalerone.net, then the Zscaler cloud is Zscalerone.net.
  1. SafeBrowser validates the credentials with the Zscaler service.
  1. After Zscaler SafeBrowser successfully authenticates itself to the Zscaler cloud, it displays the following window and starts proxying all traffic to the Zscaler cloud.