Managing Quarantined Messages

You can configure the service to send messages with a spam score in the Suspect range to quarantine. This allows you to review and determine if an email is spam before either releasing it to the recipients or dropping it, if it is spam.

You can view and manage the quarantined messages by going to Analytics > Email Insights and clicking Quarantine. The Quarantine log displays information about the messages and you can click beside a message to view additional details, including the message history. For more information, see Viewing Email Details.

When you drop a message from quarantine, the service removes it from the log and drops it without notifying the recipients. When you release a message, the service delivers it to the specified recipients in the organization.

You can drop or release messages as follows:

  • Click Select all and Drop from Quarantine or Release from Quarantine to drop or release all messages.
  • Mass drop or release selected messages by ticking their boxes and clicking Drop from Quarantine or Release from Quarantine.
  • Click beside a message to drop it from quarantine or click beside a message to release it.