Dashboards and reports contain widgets that present data in interactive charts.

When you add or edit a widget, the service displays the Widget Settings dialog where you can do the following:

  • Specify which type of data the widget displays. Click Web, Email, Mobile, Firewall or DNS at the top of the dialog. (The available options depend on your organization's subscriptions.)
  • Type a title, up to 50 characters, for the widget.  
  • From the Data Type menu, choose the type of data that the widget displays. You can refine the data by applying filters. For more information on selecting data types and filters, see Web Data Types and Filters, Mobile Data Types and Filters, Firewall Data Types and Filters, DNS Data Types and Filters, or  Email Data Types and Filters.
  • From the Units menu, choose Transactions or Bytes as the unit of data. Samples are used only with the Secure Browsing Class, Secure Browsing Status or Secure Browsing Type data types.
  • If you are creating or editing a report widget and selected Allow time to be set individually for each widget on the left pane, choose a time frame for the widget.
  • Select a chart type.