About the Browser Control Policy

You can define a Browser Control policy to do the following:

  • Warn users from going out to the Internet when they are using outdated or vulnerable browsers, plugins and applications.
    • The Zscaler service examines and assesses all the applications that are used to access the Internet to ensure that they are not old and unsafe versions. The service examines browser versions and patches (as well as beta browsers), Internet applications (for example, Adobe Flash, Sun Java, Apple QuickTime), and media download applications (for example, Windows Media Player).
  • Reduce the security risk of your organization by blocking the use of browsers that are older or that have known vulnerabilities.

Zscaler has a recommended Browser Control policy. You can also run Secure Browsing reports.

 For information on the order in which the service enforces all policies, including this policy, see How does the Zscaler service enforce policies?